Try out the new ‘Let’s Farm’ game!

In the ‘Let’s Farm!’ game you become a nobleman who manages their own farmstead. You have to sow your fields, harvest various crops, build houses for your workers, breed animals and produce goods if you want your farm to flourish! Don't forget to dispose your resources responsibly so that your farm develops fast! Excellent graphics and a well thought-out plot guarantee unforgettable experience while numerous possibilities will keep you entertained infinitely.

Get to know obsolete professions and crafts

Unlike other farming games online, ‘Let’s Farm!’ allows you to familiarise yourself with long forgotten professions and crafts, for example: weaving, bell-founding, foundry or pottery. Various buildings like Sculptor's, Alchemist's and Herbalist's Cottages, a Mint, a Printing House or a Vineyard make it possible for you to produce different goods necessary for your farm to expand.

You can also sell the manufactured products and earn gold coins, for which you can buy new resources. Your tasks include not only harvetsing and breeding animals but also manufacturing luxury goods, such as silk clothing, gold jewelery, perfume and fur coats. The variety of quests will keep you entertained for long hours!

Develop your farm with friends

One of the main features of this farm simulator is cooperation and mutual help of neighbours. The game allows you to invite friends and exchange gifts with them, which make running the farm much easier! This farming game's system is designed in such a way that you can develop both your business sense and your social network. The more friends you have, the more tasks you can complete and the faster you can observe the growth of your manor. If you are a competetive type, the free farm game's also for you - you can try your farming skills in tournaments and compare your results with other players. If you prove to be the most thrifty farming enthusiast, you will win amazing prizes in the game! Online farming in Let's Farm is joyful both for advanced agricultural hobbyists and for beginning players who are only starting their adventure with such games.

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